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what is artificial turf

Production Process

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Production Process
 Production Process
Artificial turf has a bright appearance, four seasons green, vivid, good drainage performance, long life, low maintenance costs.
Artificial turf sports system on the basis of the quality requirements are mainly concentrated in three areas: hardness, flatness and drainage slope.
Commonly used artificial grass base has three types: asphalt foundation, cement foundation, gravel foundation, which type is mainly determined by the local climate and the environment, the time, the asphalt foundation is particularly suitable for the northern temperature difference and the winter low temperature climate, But also because of its cost is expensive, for the warm and humid environment is not the most suitable basis type, gravel foundation because of its simple construction, low cost, rapid drainage, more common in the south, but because of its poor steel and stability, After a long period of time prone to loose base, resulting in the foundation is not flat; therefore, in most parts of the country, cement concrete base has become economical and practical, cost-effective very high artificial grass base type. Double and sports According to the rich experience of artificial grass system, the artificial grass cement concrete foundation to do the following brief introduction:
1, the basic surface roughness requirements are higher, to ensure that the artificial grass layer thickness consistent, uniform elasticity. Flatness pass rate of 95% or more,
5 m ruler error 3MM, slope: horizontal 8 ‰, vertical 5 ‰, semi-circular area 5 ‰, the surface should be flat, smooth, to ensure drainage.
2, the foundation should have a certain strength and stability.
3, the surface is uniform and solid, no cracks, no rotten side Ma face, seam straight and smooth, to 6000mm × 6000mm cut about as well.
4, cushion compaction, density greater than 95%, after the medium-sized rolling press pressure, no significant track, no loose soil, waves and so on.
5, the cement base must have a water layer, the use of new PVC thickened water barrier film, the junction should be greater than 300mm, edge margin greater than 150mm.
6, need to consider to stay expansion joints, the width of 5 mm.
7, the basic maintenance period of 2-3 weeks.
Not sand
In the United States, most of the artificial turf used artificial grass fiber material is high-grade nylon material, but also the use of multi-fiber, and no sand artificial turf can also be divided into two kinds of water and impermeable. This lawn is shaped like a natural lawn, partly with a layer of shock-absorbing foam cushion, and the shock-absorbing layer has a variety of different densities and thicknesses. As the real master of the artificial lawn laying technology in the country is not much, and mostly foreign technology, therefore, in the laying of artificial sand is not sand, especially the laying of shock absorber cushion must be completed by foreign experts. Shock-absorbing foam to lay a layer of smooth asphalt under the foundation, asphalt under the gravel, sand and pebbles as a basis, and one of the drainage system structure is the most critical link. In addition, this type of artificial turf must be used in the installation process of artificial grass special machinery, especially in some professional or costly sports venues in the laying of the installation is particularly important, otherwise it will not be able to achieve the site formation and uniformity requirements , Such as the hockey field of the Beijing Lu Cheng Sports Technology Institute for the 2008 Olympic Hockey Training Ground and some of the movable artificial grasss, such as movable artificial grass, which are required to meet the special needs, must be constructed in strict accordance with the above requirements.
Fill the particles
Filled with granite lawn because of the international advanced level of good sports performance and good practicality in China by the majority of users accepted. Most of its material is made of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) more than two kinds of polymer materials, the lawn of the fiber than the sand is not long, the surface backfill 2-3 mm quartz sand and rubber particles. Its sporty characteristics are very close to the natural lawn and can be used all the year round. Usually after the laying of the need for conservation using 6-8 months to reach the best condition. This type of lawn is particularly suitable for laying outdoors, the warranty period is usually 5-8 years, but its actual life can be more than 5 years. In long-term dry weather, as long as the water sprinkled in the lawn, you can reduce the risk of athletes being scratched.
Mixed lawn
The incorporation of natural lawns and artificial lawns is no longer a dream. The grass of this lawn is natural and reinforced with grass on the root structure of the grass. For example, let the grass grow on the net bottom of the plastic. In this way, the natural lawn is well combined with user-friendly features and superior durability of the artificial turf.
In the domestic filling of artificial artificial turf accounted for 95%, but many schools in the choice of products are often easy to overlook the most important construction links, artificial grass construction technology for artificial grass in the latter part of the maintenance and improve service life is very important.
First of all to make technical preparations, make a "three links and a flat" and familiar with the drawings, check the basis of construction quality inspection, laying the site to be clean, the surface should be dry, smooth, no debris, no wax, grease, the minimum construction temperature should be maintained Above 10 ℃. Use the theodolite or other instruments to measure whether the surrounding facility conforms to the size of the playground and, if not properly modified, allow an error of ± 5 mm.
Second, the artificial grass before laying and artificial grass production units to carry out quality inspection of the turf, check the turf material quality, density and weaving process is qualified to meet the requirements. A standard site connection point can not exceed 30, at the same time, check whether the quality of the filler to meet environmental requirements. In the laying process, to use special tools according to the specifications of the lawn trimming, the seam, the lawn lawn cut. Use artificial grass sports space for special glue connection, seams should not be greater than 2 mm. Bonding temperature can not be too low, the ambient temperature should be selected above 10 ℃ construction is appropriate; the other should not be in the rain or moldy weather construction, otherwise it will lead to too long bonding or even cause non-stick.
Quartz sand, rubber particles is the construction of the most important part of the process, only to be artificial lawn surface material installation is completed, after checking the formation of a solid meet the requirements, before filling quartz sand and rubber particles. Fill specifications and quantities are based on the height and density of the grass. It should be noted that the use of special sandblasting machine and brush grass equipment to fill the particles in order to ensure the site flatness and uniformity, while helping to improve the performance of the site. And quartz sand and rubber particles must be completely dry material can be constructed, otherwise the stems will be overwhelmed and affect the filling quality. Quartz sand should take a multi-layer filling, each filled with a layer of brushstuffs need to use the brush back and forth to fill the filling full of filling. It is usually better to have a place to go back and forth for more than twenty times.