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what is artificial turf

Application areas

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Application areas
 Application areas
Sports ground lawn
Sports grass
Sports series lawn can be used for soccer fields, tennis courts, hockey courts, gateball courts, baseball fields, cricket courts, rugby courts, basketball courts, badminton courts and so on.
Artificial turf tough wear and tear, can be used around the clock, and has excellent athlete protection, can effectively avoid the athletes in the movement may encounter damage to the joints, skin burns or abrasions to ensure the normal football rolling and running speed The
Leisure grass
Leisure lawn widely used for interior decoration, courtyard landscape and building greening, lawn color bright green natural, grass silk fine, is the best alternative to natural lawns, are increasingly being used in hotel hotels green decoration, roof Roof platform green, indoor shops, office buildings, office decoration.
Regardless of spring and summer autumn and winter, can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons ... ...
No need to go, de-worming, cutting grass, maintenance costs less than 5% of natural grass;
The pet will not run because of the rain in the mud and dirty body, it will not leave annoying mud footprints;
When the neighbors in the scorching sun, fertilization, but you enjoy the cold umbrella under the umbrella.
Kindergarten artificial turf
Kindergarten pattern grass
Kindergarten pattern grass
Let the children have full of dreams and children's happy life, is the wish of each parent. Health, happiness is the basis of children's growth and fundamental, diverse patterns, gorgeous colors, for the child's imagination plug in the take-off wings ... ...
Kindergarten dedicated artificial turf to the special design, the use of less cost, easy maintenance, environmental safety, beautiful appearance, adaptability and other advantages, comprehensive coverage and replace the traditional plastic and PVC and other pavement materials. Compared to ordinary artificial turf, it has a stronger targeted and better adaptability to kindergarten.
Construction method
Artificial turf construction process
1, check the acceptance of basic engineering.
Clear the basis of the debris, if there is injustice, should be promptly repaired, leveling. The construction site should be kept clean to ensure the cleanliness and construction quality of the environment.
2, measurement and lofting
2.1, according to the design of the plan, the implementation of measurement and lofting.
2.2, the use of theodolite or other precision measuring instruments, measuring whether the surrounding facilities in line with the size of the sports field. If not appropriate should be immediately modified to allow the error of 5 mm.
2.3, pavement:
2.3.1 will be in accordance with the original specifications of the turf on the ground, the turf between the need to overlap 3 to 8 mm.
2.3.4 Cut the lawn with a lawn cutter. Seam should not be greater than 3 mm.
2.3.5 under the cutting area laying cloth, and with a glue on the joint surface brush on the glue, finger contact after drying and bonding firmly.
3, turf bonding construction process description
3.1, the need to be bonded to the bottom of the turf, interface cloth and other clean, and the surface dry and no moisture.
3.2, the ambient temperature should be selected above 5 ℃ construction is appropriate, and should not be in the rain and moldy weather construction, otherwise it will lead to too long bonding or even cause non-stick phenomenon.
4, the specific construction process:
4.1, the glue: the requirements of the applicator in the surface coating thickness uniformity, can not be repeated coating, otherwise there will be bubbling phenomenon, or even fall. The base fabric uses a glue applicator to strictly control the thickness of the glue. Note that the coating speed should be appropriate, and the glue should be applied to the two bonded surfaces.
4.2, sticky: according to the then temperature, humidity, pressure and other conditions of the actual impact, reasonable control of air conditioning time. Generally within 10-30 minutes after the glue, mortar to eighty-nine into dry to touch non-stick is appropriate. Adhesive requires a one-time alignment of sticky, must not be in the sticky and back and forth to move the object was bonded.
4.3, pressure: re-bonding, remove the surface of debris, with a special rubber hammer from the adhesive to both sides of the force hammer, so that the surface full contact with dense, more solid bonding.
4.4, curing: the curing time is generally three days, the final strength is generally measured for ten days. During curing should pay attention to maintenance, to avoid exposure, flooding and movement, has reached the best state of bonding.
4.5, after the addition of quartz sand and rubber particles in the sand before the need to use the imported cleaner on the site of the turf cut debris for cleaning treatment.
5, construction considerations:
5.1, the construction, the glue can not be exposed for too long, due to solvent evaporation will cause too much adhesive and can not be built.
5.2, such as the temperature is too low, can be heated to 15 ~ 20 ℃ hot water, you can restore the original state, and the same performance.
6, quartz sand sand, rubber particles pavement:
6.1, the laying of the sowing machine to be sowing. Quartz sand sand roundness requirements of more than 80%, diameter 0.2-1.5mm.
6.2, artificial turf field material is indeed installed, before laying quartz sand sand and rubber particles.
6.3, the laying of quartz sand, according to the design of the amount of sand into the sub-N injection, each shop must be repeated with a professional carding equipment repeatedly combing the quartz sand down fully dense. Any impurities found in the pavement must be removed immediately to ensure quality.
6.4, the laying of quartz sand to check whether the formation and adequate, inadequate to be filled.
6.5, and then fill in the quartz sand rubber particles, the same method with the quartz sand pavement.
Applicable places
Artificial turf can be used in sports venues such as runway, soccer field, tennis court, baseball field, hockey field, gate pitch, golf course, basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court and softball court. It can also be used in square, meeting place and elementary and junior high school, kindergarten comprehensive activity site. As well as greening of roads, railways, communities, green roofs, courtyards. Its main raw materials are: PE (polyethylene, mainly used for sports field), PA (Korean imports of nylon, sports and leisure venues and use), PP (polypropylene, mainly curly silk, for leisure places). Environmental protection is natural, pollution-free pollution. [1]
All day facing the computer, by the radiation damage, eye fatigue, neck and shoulder pain. Seven colors, the green is gentle and seductive, just remember the table put a pot of green, how do not want to shop at the foot of a layer of green? When you are tired, boring, when you are upset, when you are pessimistic and disappointed, imagine, you gently went to the door, the distance there is a watery grass, green as fresh, tender and beautiful, you The mood will not be improved, even into the poem into painting; an artificial lawn is enough to make your dream come true. Eye view of the green, worry and worry why do not worry? We found that in the leisure courtyard, indoor home, kindergarten, exhibition hall, sports stadium and other indoor and outdoor places, artificial grass for the distribution of the charm of the people used by the hi, and everywhere. It brings people to the infinite real joy and fun. [2]
Artificial turf construction precautions
Artificial turf construction precautions
1, prohibit wearing 5mm long or more than 5mm spikes on the lawn strenuous exercise (including high heels).
2, prohibit any motor vehicle on the lawn.
3, the prohibition of long-term pressure on the lawn.
4, forbidden shot, javelin, discus or other high-drop sports on the lawn.
5, is strictly prohibited all kinds of pollution pollution lawn.
6, the case of snow days to prohibit the moment stampede, the need to sweep the surface after the snow and then use.
7, is strictly prohibited on the lawn to throw chewing gum and all debris.
8, is strictly prohibited all fireworks.
9, prohibit the use of corrosive solvents above the lawn.
10, is strictly prohibited to carry sugary drinks admission.
11, is strictly prohibited destructive tear lawn fiber.
12, is strictly prohibited damage to the grass base
13, sports lawn to keep the filling of the quartz sand flat, to ensure that the ball's trajectory or bounce trajectory.