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what is artificial turf

chemical composition

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chemical composition
 chemical composition
Its raw materials are mostly polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) mainly, can also be used polyvinyl chloride and polyamide. Leaf leaves with imitation of natural grass green, and need to add UV absorber.
Polyethylene (PE): feel more soft, the appearance and movement performance closer to the natural grass, widely accepted by users. Is currently on the market the most widely used artificial fiber fiber raw materials
Polypropylene (PP): grass fiber hard,
Artificial turf book
Artificial turf book (2 photos)
Generally applicable to tennis courts, playgrounds, runways or decorative purposes. Abrasion resistance is slightly worse than polyethylene
Nylon (Nylon): is the first artificial grass fiber raw materials, belonging to the first generation of artificial grass fiber. Grass silk soft, comfortable foot feeling.
Material structure
Artificial turf consists of 3 layers of material. The base layer is made up of compacted soil layers, gravel layers and asphalt or concrete layers. The base layer requires a solid, non-deformable, smooth and impermeable, ie general concrete site. As hockey field area, construction must be dealt with the base layer, to prevent subsidence. If the concrete layer, concrete curing to cut out the expansion joints, to prevent thermal expansion and cracks.
The base layer is above the buffer layer, usually composed of rubber or foam. Rubber elastic moderate, the thickness of 3 ~ 5mm. The cost of foam is low, but the elasticity is poor, the thickness of 5 ~ 10mm, too thick lawn too soft, and easy to depression; too thin elasticity, can not achieve the buffer effect. Buffer layer should be firmly pasted on the base layer, usually with white latex or universal adhesive paste.
Physical map
Physical map
The third layer, also the surface layer, for the grass layer. According to the manufacture of the surface shape of fluffy turf, round curled nylon silk turf, leafy polypropylene fiber turf, nylon filament prepared puff and so on. This layer must also be pasted with rubber or foam on latex. Construction must be fully coated, followed by pressing paste, can not wrinkle off.
In the foreign, the grass layer common two: 1, grass foliage thin foliage, only 1.2 ~ 1.5mm; 2, turf fiber thick, 20 ~ 24mm, which is filled with quartz almost to the top of the fiber.