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Quality problems in raw materials and production processes

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Quality problems in raw materials and production processes
 Quality problems in raw materials and production processes:
1. Lawn color uneven, appear color
Different color of the grass silk processing production into a lawn pavement to a site will produce color.
To ensure that each batch of grass silk thick consistent, Yan Ze evenly, is a relatively high technical content of the work, application technology can not meet the requirements of the wire drawing equipment production of raw materials often appear color problems.
2. In the sun after the obvious fade, and fade uneven exposure to ultraviolet light stability and color fastness is an important indicator of artificial turf evaluation.
3. Artificial turf appear stripping or rupture Many times is the lining strength and wear resistance is not enough, after a period of corrosion, aging and small displacement wear, lining durability is the key to the quality of artificial turf.
4. site detachment problem may also be the end of scraping gum is not uniform, scraping gum process is not mature or straw wire wear resistance is relatively low caused. Especially for adolescent athletes, de-lingering often affects health.
5. Grass silk is not bright enough, static friction is strong, there is a sense of stagnation.
Antistatic performance and brightness are also artificial turf product competition key link, it relates to the product of the abrasion coefficient and the final movement effect. The evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of artificial turf with other products, mainly to see the grass silk, lining and other raw materials selection and scraping gum and other post-processing technology is mature and stable.
Problems in the construction process:
1 mark size is not accurate enough, white grass stitching is not straight.
2 seam with strength is not enough or no use of professional lawn glue, there lawn phenomenon.
3 site seams obvious,
4 grass silk lodging direction has not been a regular arrangement, there is light reflection color.
5 due to sand and colloidal uneven or lawn folds are not treated in advance of the site surface uneven.
6 places have odor or fade for the quality of the filler.
Above the construction process prone to problems, as long as a little attention, strict and earnest implementation of artificial turf construction procedures, is all can be avoided.