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Sports Artificial Garden Grass Best Synthetic Grass thick Artificial Turf
  • Sports Artificial Garden Grass Best Synthetic Grass thick Artificial Turf

Sports Artificial Garden Grass Best Synthetic Grass thick Artificial Turf

5.0 USD
Min. Order:
800 Square Meter
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T, WU
Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport:
Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity:
3,000,000 Square...
The-turf roll will be...
Delivery Date:
within 7 days after...
Brand Name:
Pile height::
45mm±1mm, or as per your demand
Field green, olive green or bi-tone green,or to your option
Yarn Dtex::
Yarn brand::
Thiolon D shape
FIFA 1 star
8 years
roll width:
roll length:
up to your option
15days after receiving downpayment

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  • 1. Specification of Sports Artificial Garden Grass Best Synthetic Grass thick Artificial Turf  

    (We can produce andsupply various types artificial turf according to your design and specs.)

    LOCAL PE/ MFY /10000dtex
    PRIMARY BACKINGmesh backing+Fleeced backing with PET yarn reinforced

    This FIFA approved system proves to deliver an elite turf system that imitates natural grass in color, feel and performance, thus meeting the highest player expectations.

    1.Extraordinary playing performance-Extensive durability for long hours of playing

    2.Hi-tech underlay from Germany offer good shock-absorption,and can be used for 15 years that withstands 2 generation grass,which will be a huge save for limited budget.

    3.Soft touch and flexibility-Useful life 8 years, could be used outdoor or indoor, high burning resistance, good drainage

    4.Natural appearance-More strong & natural, Soft and visual friendly, High UV-resistance & Weather resistance

    The introduction of Artificial turf


    Artificial turf  has appeared in many occasions, whether in the stadium or in some outdoor occasions, there are many types, and the effect in actual use is different, each kind of turf all have their own characteristics ,  convenient in use .


    Then, what's the difference between Stadium turf and the other turf?


    First of all, for use in the Stadium turf is generally the school or specialized stadium only, the specific use of the materials are not the same, only different in the fur, in use is also has the very big difference;


    Secondly, in the actual use can be customized according to specific requirements, artificial turf such as to avoid being damaged, the school considers the general for the children more, do not want to hurt them, the sense is great, should be strengthened to make good use of a little grass, the protection of children health, so that they can grow up healthily in the school.

    2.Product details of Sports Artificial Garden Grass Best Synthetic Grass thick Artificial Turf

    3.Consumption of Sports Artificial Garden Grass Best Synthetic Grass thick Artificial Turf

    1.8-15kgs/m2 SBR/EPDM/PET granule for shock absorption,good playing performance

    2.20-30kgs/m2 quartz sand or silicate sand to stablize the whole system

    3.0.6m/m2 Joint seaming tape for joining two rolls

    4.0.1kg/m2 Adhensive glue for joining the rolls and seaming tape

    5.Advantages of our Artificial Grass


    Many regions of the world suffer from extreme climatic conditions and as a result are often without adequate natural grass pitches. Either the climate makes the growth and maintenance of such fields a burden or the financial resources are limited. Furthermore, the demand on these pitches is quite high and the resulting mix often leaves the pitches in poor condition. The advantage of artificial turf in these regions is more than evident.


    Stadium construction is often influenced by the need to adjust designs for the installation of natural grass for international football. Natural grass needs sufficient sunlight, wind and rain to grow and thrive. However, the trend towards building steep-sided stadia with roofs and terraces for additional spectator comfort creates an environment better suited to football turf. The newest generation of artificial surfaces combines the advantages of play­ing characteristics similar to natural turf, including player comfort and safety, with independence from sunlight, wind and rain.


    The new generation of artificial surfaces is easier to maintain than natural grass fields. Artificial it may be, but it cannot just be installed and left to its own devices. The groundsman, whose day-to-day job will change and who will have to learn a whole new set of maintenance techniques, is one of the main beneficiaries of an artificial surface. The time for maintenance is much lower and thus costs for a football turf field can be significantly reduced.


    Most of the football turf fields are owned by municipalities and football clubs who recognise that an artificial pitch can be used almost 24 hours a day and seven days a week since it does not need time to recover. Due to the increased longevity, fewer playing fields are required.


    Today, the financial situation has become one of the most important compo­nents of any football club. In order to cover the increasing costs, additional revenue streams are necessary. The newest generation of artificial surfaces with playing characteristics similar to natural turf, low maintenance, longer playing hours and the multi-usage possibilities meets the demands of a modern football field. It can be used almost 24 hours a day and seven days a week. In addition to training sessions and matches of various teams, it can be hired out to companies and municipalities for all kind of events.


    As the game's global popularity increases, the climate plays a greater part in limiting its development. In adverse weather conditions, the use of natural grass pitches is limited and the performance suffers. Manufacturers have now developed football turf products that mirror the playing characteristics of real grass and are resistant to difficult climates. FIFA has recognised that all year round and improved and consistent playing conditions worldwide bring enormous benefits to the global development of football.

    6.Why Maintenance for Artificial Turf field

    The need to maintain an artificial turf field is fundamental for several reasons. These can be highlighted as follows:

    - longevity

    - playing performance

    - safety

    - aesthetics

    An active maintenance programme will maximise the lifetime of the installation and ensure many satisfactory years of use. The maintenance regime is based around simple principles:- keeping the surface clean

    - keeping the infill level

    - keeping the fibre upright

    - reporting minor defects before they become major problems